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Old School At Heart

Devils Inc Studios

Devils Inc Studios was founded in March 2013 between two Game Design Students at Train2Game these were Mark Plant and Shaun Steer. During a conversation on the forums they were able to stretch out a single series of thoughts into a more developed idea for a game.

We then set out to recruit a talented team to help bring those ideas to life. In May of 2013 Devils Inc Studios was officially registered as a Ltd. Company and essentially was born. 

Our primary objective is to take the generation of modern gaming and take it back a little by injecting an old school approach to game mechanics, both Shaun and Mark feel games and indeed gamers themselves are becoming too dependant on too many modern luxuries, of course we understand for the most part this is as a result of bigger games been more complex as a whole, and so we struck a balance in their ideals of how to approach these new systems but impart a lot of the old school heart that defined games when they were younger. This approach resulted in a hybrid Survival Horror idea that since has involved into a working but in progress prototype to game play. 

What we believe sets us apart is that we are gamers, some of us have been gaming as long as we can remember and have grown up with games as they have evolved over the years. We still play and can be found around PSN, Xbox and everywhere inbetween. And from time to time we may ask you to join us. We will in future provide ID’s and locations of where you can team up with us to play!

Devils Inc Studios released its first title on December 24th 2014 and is titled Star of Destiny, it is available free to play over on Kongregate. How long can you survive the waves of Snowmen before the Star of Dreams falls?


We look forward to the challenges the future will bring for us and of course sharing our games with you.